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    So my current regimen is for bulking and im doing the 5x5 program to gain some weight... ive decided to take a week off ALL workouts because i hurt my shoulder doing heavy dips, and ive already read up on it in my Stronglifts 5x5 book and it says that its perfectly ok... I still wanna gain weight this week tho but i dont want it to be body fat Should i still do cardio even tho its a week off? or would that hinder the weight gaining in any way?

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    Yes I too would like to gain muscle mass without working out. Let me know how that goes for you.

  3. LOL What im trying to say is that if i do cardio would it backtrack me when i start working out next week?... because i know cardio also reduces muscle mass sometimes

  4. A week off espicially with a shoulder injury would be huge for recovery!! Cardio will help with the Calorie intake you are on. 1 week wont kill you. You could still throw in a good solid leg routine and be ok!!
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    Yeah cardio's good for your composition I would do it and if you're that concerned just eat a little extra right before and right after the cardio. A week off sometimes can be great, when you come back you are gonna be rested and ready to crush the weights.

  6. Alright thanks for the solid advice guys... as far as legs go i cant do a leg workout because 5x5 is EXTREMELY strict as far as changing a routine or skipping excercises so ill just give the whole week a rest and hit it next week... this is perfect to enroll in the gym by my house with my week free membership cuz its been raining lately and i cant run outside

  7. Take your week. Stay with the Cardio. I recomend icing your shoulder for 20 minutes twice a day til you return. It makes a world of difference the ice does.

  8. icy hot?

  9. Do some HIIT and keep the standard diet up and you'll be fine

  10. Should i supplement before and after the cardio?

  11. icy hot?
    Brother im ols school. I feel me up a big bag of ice and wrap that sucker to my shoulder for 20-30 minutes. Thats just me. It seems to work

  12. my friend says my shoulder pain might be a small tear... my week off should take care of it right?

  13. tend to your shoulder first, man. Take 2 weeks if you need it. A couple of pounds of muscle is not worth getting permanently injured over.

    Do the HIIT like mxer657 said. Even regular cardio for a week is not going to kill you unless you start marathon training.

  14. unless your friend is dr. friend see how that week off goes. as far as cardio s concerned i keep it a part of my routine weather im cutting or bulking i find it helps with reach both goals with satisfying results

  15. The week off should help the shoulder some, but may not completely cure it. When you start back, start fairly light with the upper body stuff. Just because you took a week off doesn't mean you should jump right back into heavy lifting immediately. Taking a few weeks to work back up to your "normal" poundages on the upper body work is much better than losing months or more because of a serious shoulder injury.
    The cardio during the off week is fine, just don't go crazy with it.

  16. im only doing the cardio 2 the week

  17. but my workout 5x5 book says to start right where u left off...


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