squats or leg press with deadlifts?

  1. squats or leg press with deadlifts?

    Ok for some reason my knees give me discomfort when squatting. My friends looked at my form and it looks good. I might just have bad mechanics for it I guess. I am 6.0 if it makes any difference. Would leg press and Romanian dead lifts be a good alternative? I tried smith machine squats with same outcome. Also I had 3 bad discs in my back so maybe I should just avoid squats.

  2. Can you get a video of your form? Your friend may not know what good form is...

  3. Whats your warm up look like? 5-10 minutes on the treadmill before squats to get the blood flowing can make a diffrence for some. If it turns out you can't do them though their are ways around it unless your a powerlifter. You don't have to do regular squats for big legs.

  4. I agree on the warmup comment. I used to have knee aches during squats as well, in fact, I still have a torn ACL in my left knee. I warmup by doing 5 mins on the seated bike to get some blood in my legs, then I do leg extensions at high reps, to make sure my knees are warmed up. Only after all of this will I do squats. Squats are the best for growth, it would be a shame for you to have to skip them.

    However, if you have a bad back, you may have too avoid them after all. You could try pre-exhauting your quads so you don't have to go so heavy on squats. Be careful with your back, mess that up and you won't be able to lift at all.

  5. Thank you for all the responds. usually my warm up consists of light squats before going heavy. Next time I will do some treadmill to see if it helps. Thank you

  6. I use the exercise bike for about 5 min. a couple light squats and it works for me.-and i'm old

  7. Same here. Im old too LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by omni View Post
    I use the exercise bike for about 5 min. a couple light squats and it works for me.-and i'm old


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