i have a problem and need suggestions/help

  1. i have a problem and need suggestions/help

    i am a big fan of weighted chin ups for bicep workouts. The problem is that my gym used to have a belt for this and now someone broke it, or something, bottom line is the belt is missing.

    Would be doing a chin up type workout on the lat pulldown machine work as well or should i realistically look at buying my own belt?

    Doing chin ups withought added weight is not an option either i have very good strength and need additions to my own bodyweight.

  2. Just buy one for yourself, they aren't that expensive. The lat pull-down might be fine for a short term fix until you buy a dip belt, but I don't feel it is an acceptable long term replacement.

  3. tell them at the gym about it they will buy a new one im sure.

  4. use a weightlifting belt and run a regular belt thought the front of it (between your belly and the belt) then put the extra weight on the regular belt. i add 3-4 plates to my belt that way for pull ups and dips and it work just fine and you don't have to go spend any extra money on a special dip belt.

  5. thanks guys!

  6. Buy one.

    Chinups are great for the biceps, lats and overall core.

    By using a machine you take the core out of the movement and it sucks.
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