Dumbbell Deadllifts

  1. Dumbbell Deadllifts

    I have been doing BB Deadlfifts for some time & ideally would like to switch to Trapbar Deadlifts, but can't afford one at the moment.
    Which leads me to Dumbbell Deadlifts.
    Has anyone done these or have info on technique?
    I read that Dr. Ken Leistner (among others )advocates them.

  2. i prefer dumbell sldls. with regular deads, i have a difficult time with the width of the dumbells. they run up against the side of my body. as far as form goes, db deads should be done the same way as bb or a trap bar. form isnt changed too much b/c the pulled weight is in front or on the side of you body.

  3. I have used DBs for SLDLs, but you'd need some awfully big ones to have enough weight for standard DLs.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Longdog
    I have used DBs for SLDLs, but you'd need some awfully big ones to have enough weight for standard DLs.
    you're right. I keep my sldl rep range between 10-12 so throwing a few sets in using 100's after squats and some leg presses, i get a good fatigue out of my hams. I prefer the dumbells since i find the main problem with incorrect form while using barbell is that the individual allows the bar to travel too far away from their body, instead of keeping it close to the shins. This leads to rounding of the lower back.... which could be really harsh on the body. With the dumbells, i feel its easier to clear the db's from and up and down your lower leg.

  5. Yeah, its already been said, but do they make DB's that big? I guess the protocol that sage said he uses (the burnout method) would be a good concept.

    But recently, I only do 2 sets max w/ my deads. Lately I've been goin' balls to the walls with 'em. I've been adding 5-10lbs/week for a couple months now. My traps have never looked better, I can't even tilt my head back much anymore. Only problem is that I get sick as **** right after my sets, most of the time, I'll puke...

    Props to ya sage if you can do more sets brother they wear me the hell out..



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