The Farmer's Walk

  1. The Farmer's Walk

    Hey everybody! Glad to be here. I'd like to discuss the farmer's walk with you.

    In my opinion it is a great exercise both for bulking and for conditioning your body, depending on the weight and duration of the set you choose.

    After some good sets of this exercise, I feel the pump, the work done, in basically my entire body.

    What muscles do you think does the FW NOT train? Of course it emphasizes forearms, traps, core and calves for example, but I have the feeling it basically works every muscle in the body.

    What is your opinion, both scientifically as well as based on your personal training experience?

    A friend of mine wants to start training and do nothing but the FW for the first few months. This is a bit stupid I'd say and might lead to imbalances, but I will not stop him and watch his progress.


  2. What do you want to know? It's an amazing exercise overall and definitely a good starter to get your back, grip, and the works going, but doing that and only that isn't the greatest idea.

    Get him interested in some sled training as well. They work well with each other and will give explosive movements, and are all around fun.
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  3. Ahhhh!!! The good ole farmers walk, the most under rated exercise

  4. yes it is.

  5. Thank you for your posts.

    Sled work is great. Of course I will try to make him understand there is more to smart training than just doing one exercise. But like I said, I will wait a little and watch his progress for now.

    Sometimes I think the Farmer's Walk is a bit hard on my knees. Do you guys share the same experience?

    And please give me your view on the question whether the FW works basically the entire body?

    Thanks again.

    BTW, since I am new around these boards. Here is some info on me:
    male, mid twenties, 6'0'', 207 pounds right now, 12 % bodyfat.
    Training five days per week.
    Monday - Chest and Back
    Bench Press supersetted with Barbell Rows 5x8 each
    Military Press supersetted with Pull-ups 3x10 each
    Dips supersetted with Shrugs 2x20 each
    Tuesday - OFF
    Wednesday - Legs
    Deadlift 6x6
    Squat 5x10
    Leg Press 2x20
    Calf Raises 3x50
    Thursday - Arms
    Barbell Curls supersetted with Pushdowns 4x12 each
    Hammer Curls supersetted with Kick-Backs 2x20 each
    Wrist Curls supersetted with Reverse Wrist Curls 3x15 each
    Friday - Shoulders and Abs
    Hang Clean 8x4
    Triset Side Raises, Front Raises, Rear Delt Raises 3x20 each
    Upright Row 2x25
    Cuban Press 3x15
    External Rotation supersetted with internal Rotation 2x20 each
    Sit-Ups 3x50
    The Plank 1xmax
    Saturday - OFF
    Sunday - Farmer's Walks and Cardio

  6. helped me with deadlift grip and traps lol

  7. Love it. I love the burn I get after doing it

  8. I start off leg day with farmer walks, great for my traps, forearms and my calves. When I do them I walk hard on the balls of my toes to really focus on the calves. It has helped tremendously


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