Brawn and Beyond Brawn

  1. Brawn and Beyond Brawn

    If you don't own the books "Brawn" and the newer "Beyond Brawn" by Stuart McRobert you are doing yourself a great disservice. These two books are simply modern day classics and are must haves for anyone that even considers themselves remotely interested in weight training.

    These books are written by a drug free hardgainer for drug free hardgainers and there is a wealth of information in them that can be applied to you regardless of if you train drug free, use PH's, or are a gear user. Stuart calls it hardgainer style training because it is one of the few training methods that actually work well for the guys with poor genetics for weight training, but many of the methods work wonders for those with better than average ability to get big and strong. Most of the routines I write are a synthesis of hardgainer/HIT/and conventional powerlifting rolled up into "powerbuilding" for lack of a better term. Or for those that can take a little more heat, hardgainer volume training.

    Stuart's sometimes rantings and raving about the evils of steroid use may come across as a bit harsh for the gear and PH users out there, but everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    He misses the mark on nutrition and supplements by miles, but that is a not enough to keep these books from receiving a best of the best rating. I also started my weight training writings and rantings with Stuarts "Hardgainer" magazine. Stuart was kind enough to publish four or five articles I wrote for Hardgainer magazine. And for getting me interested in expressing what I have learned about training, and for all the information I learned from Stuart, I truly owe him a huge debt of gratitude. His writings have truly changed many lives, including mine.

    BTW, if you can only afford one of these books, I recommend the original “Brawn”, but that is only my personal preference. “Beyond Brawn” actually has more information in it, but the first is still a masterpiece, and the “original.”

    Iron Addict
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  2. Yes they are both must reads for anyone that train, it will give you some great insights on how to get your training in order

  3. Thanks IA and Matthew D. Only $14 at amazon.

    I'll check it out.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by iron addict
    He misses the mark on nutrition and supplements by miles, but that is a not enough to keep these books from receiving a best of the best rating.
    What are his views on nutrition? (I haven't read either of those books yet)

  5. ttt

    excellent books

    Anyone have any links to Charles Glass Articles?



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