Shrugs Causing Pain in Lower Back?

  1. Shrugs Causing Pain in Lower Back?

    Does anyone else ever get this? I do shrugs with a BB and just like the topic says, I get a pain in my lower back. Is this a sign I'm using too much weight or bad form or something? I'm thinking maybe I should start using the hex bar instead of the normal straight BB.

  2. yes it does sound familiar.. that was me before my back surgery.. I would go to a trap/hex bar if you have one.. normal straight bars tend to pull you forward some.. and it does "mess" with some of us..

  3. Honestly I like the smith machine for really heavy shrugs. If you can get the setup right and don't have to lean too far to grab the bar, it helps me tremendously.

  4. Try the behind the back variation of shrugs with the barbell. Works the traps a little differently, and personally I don't notice any lower back discomfort.

    Just a suggestion.

  5. One time a week for the past month I have been doing CT's routine he outlined on T-mag. It has worked very well. My traps have been blowing up as of lately. Plus, I mostly do only the compound movements and rarely go above 8 reps. I'd highly suggest using a trap bar and doing some DL's to get this traps BIG!



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