Working on Grip Strength

  1. Working on Grip Strength

    Hey all. I've decided I need to start working on this as I've realized that while performing deads my grip is the first thing to fail. I have a few questions though:

    Is it possible to "overtrain" your grip muscles? I mean I know that people say to do farmer walks to improve grip, but how often should these be performed? At the end of every workout, or just once or twice a week? Also, must one actually walk around the gym, or is it just as well to stand there in front of the DB rack? Are farmer walks sufficient? Are there other grip improving exercises that should be performed? Lastly while I'm working to improve my grip, should I continue to perform wrist curls and reverse wrist curls once a week as had previously been the case? Should I just dump these alltogether? I've heard people say they are a waste of time anyway.

  2. All I know is my right grip is much stronger than my stranger hand...oh, I mean left.

    Came from years of training. And they said I'd go blind.

  3. If I was you I'd just use straps once you work up to a weight where you're grip is giving out. Bear in mind that if you want to work your back you gotta elimate the weakest link and if thats your grip then use straps. If you want to work your back work your back, dont sacrifice the gains for your grip. Bear in mind your grip is going to get worked on the lighter sets, I'm not saying use straps all the time, use them only when you have to. Like everything else it will get stronger over time, think off all the exercises that require a strong grip and you'll see that whether you like it or not your grip is going to get stronger. As for wrist curls, I dont think they hurt once in a while and they are certainly not a waste of time. Maybe through in a couple of sets after back a couple of times a month. Although the best exercise for forearm hypertrophy (not neccesarily strength) IMO is a wrist roller (a weight on a shoe lace tied to a cut off broom handle is what i used to use). Get ready for some serious pain though this one really hurts, after a couple of hundred turns it feels like the bone has been broken.

  4. IA definitely has some thoughts on this, I remember reading them. Run a search for grip or grip work under Iron Addict and see what comes up. If it's not posted on this board I am sure it is on his home board which you can get to by clicking the link in his sig.

  5. Use wrist straps,it's alot easier than developing grip stregnth and even if you dramatically increase grip stregnth it will never be more than your max deadlift so why bother....JMO

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MaDmaN
    Use wrist straps,it's alot easier than developing grip stregnth and even if you dramatically increase grip stregnth it will never be more than your max deadlift so why bother....JMO

    I agree, increasing grip strength is good, but you will probably never be able to grip enough weight that you would like.

    Right now I am having trouble with shrugs, and I lost my straps. I have a pretty good grip as it is, but once I get up to 400+ lbs I can barely grip it. I have been using paper towels from the gym and folding them, but thats not cutting it.

    Increase grip strength, but don't let other parts lag just because you can't grip the weight. Get some straps and keep them in your pocket for an as needed basis.



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