1. Exclamation HELP WITH MY GOALS

    I used to weigh 177lbs at 6ft1in and used to be really cut up never had a 6 pack or anything but my arms and chest were more defined i had 15in arms... i decided to bulk up increased my caloric intake to 4000 calories a day and 200 proteins... i currently just reached 199-200lbs my arms increased an inch and im now using the 5x5 program.... my plan is to reach around 230lbs and my arm goal is 17-18 inches then cut my diet down to 3000 calories a day and cut up for the summer til i reach 210 which is my goal weight... is there anything u guys recommend for reaching my 18inch arm goal and my 210lb weight goal any better than my current plan?

  2. also upon reaching my 210 lb goal i wanna maintain it at that level... increases are ok but i dont REALLY wanna gain weight after that... it will just be a welcome side effect

  3. And sorry for the long post i just wanted to make sure i got everything on there

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