Hey, Im doing a CKD and might need some help in constructing a workout split that will help me maintain if not gain a little muscle mass as I cut. How does this look:

Sunday: Legs/Abs

Monday: Chest/Tri's/Forearms

Tuesday: 45-1hr medium intensity cardio

Wednesday: Back/Bi's/Shoulders

Thursday: 45-1hr medium intesity cardio

Friday: Full Body Depletion Workout in A.M/carb up begins around 2:00pm.

Saturday: carbup continues till about 5pm/1hr medium intensity cardio in the evening

Basically, I will do 3 exercises per body part at 4 sets a piece with reps ranging from 12-6 on my regular lifting days. Also I usually do between 20-25 min of low to moderate cardio immediately after weights.

Anyone see where I could improve on this split or any other comments please let me have it. Thanks.