Anyone used or heard anything about this?

  1. Anyone used or heard anything about this?

    I want to get this for my gym. Just wondering if anyone has used it or heard anything about it. It's kind of in between a leg press and hack squat. Thanks

    Compact Leg Sled

    Build strong legs with the most effective, compact leg sled available anywhere! Compact in size the frame construction consists primarily of 3 tubing. The innovative adjustable back pad cradles you in place and provides the ultimate in back support and comfort. The P-CSR has a built in multiple stop mechanism that allows the user to start and stop at the desired height. In addition the extra large foot plate allows for numerous foot positions to be accomplished. The foot plate is also adjustable to three different positions. The contoured seat and hand grips allow the user to really work the quads in total control and comfort. This is how the hack squat has evolved in the gyms today. The machine also comes standard with a removable calf block for gym style calf raises.

    Model# P-CSR
    L=60 W=44 HT=38 WT=190 lbs
    Weight load capacity= (1500Lbs)

  2. it doesnt look like it could hold 1500 lbs.

  3. I used a similar machine at a gym I used to train at, I like it a lot. Its less stress on the low back than leg press.

    Powertec makes good equipment. I have the Powertec Workbench. don't use it much, but my wife does. Its good, but free weights are the gym are better. Their stuff is very sturdy, just like gym equipment.

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