when should I up the cardio?

  1. when should I up the cardio?

    I am finishing up my bulker this tuesday and will begin PCT wed....I have not really been doing cardio during the 30 days I have been bulking...I know I will need to keep my weight training HIT during my pct and keep my cals higher...I am wondering if I should go right into doing mucho cardio, since my plan obviously is to cut next...

    or should I gradually integrate the cardio?

    My plan if I was to just get into cardio would be to do about 5-10 on the treadmill b4 hitting the weights to get my heart rate up so I could keep it up during the weight training, then follow it with 20-30 minutes more after weights..

    what is your guys opinion on how I should approach this

    I will be using absolved from avant during PCT, i have 2 bottles


  2. anyone?

  3. I would still wait a little while before adding cardio. What most people do during/after a bulking phase is look at their stomach and when they see that it is a little fatter than normal, they freak out, drop cals, and jump on the treadmill. I would personally keep cals high (or higher) for a little while, then gradually increase cardio. The goal of PCT is do everything possible to keep your gains AND to let your body get accustomed to the new muscle....just my opinion, others may have different feelings

  4. as long as you keep cals high there shouldnt be any problem with adding cardio right away
    I would start off with only about 15min after a workout and gradually increase. It's easy to get burnt out after a cycle so take it easy at first.

  5. Yeah, I was going to keep cals high, just do a good amount of cardio,

    I think I will do a 5 minute warm-up to get the heart rate going, then 15 minutes after w/o of just some low intesity treadmill work. After about 2-3 weeks of that I will hit the cardio harder.




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