Biking, Hiking, and Leg Training Question

  1. Biking, Hiking, and Leg Training Question

    Since the weather is warming and I'm in Mtn Bike haven I've been out just about everyday and I even got a good hike in yesterday. My problem is I dont want to overtrain legs. I'm thinking about lowering my overall sets and doing primarily heavy weights (if my knees dont complain too much). Something like:
    Squats 2x8-10
    Leg press 1x6-8
    SLDL 2x8-10
    Calf Press 2x8-10

    Maybe also adding a set of Leg Curls

    any thoughts or comments?

  2. I've been hiking a lot too. My favorite part about CO is the hiking. I use it as a cardio/leg workout. I figure it about the same as doing the sled. Nothing like going up the mountain hard with a pack to make a brother feel good. Coming back down a steep grade is no joke either.

  3. coming down is the hardest part, are you going to hit Pikes Peak this year
    we always plan that in late June or July

  4. I'm in the Springs so PP isn't far at all for me. I was hoping to be able to be doing 14+ by summer but I'm not doing much trekking right now. Just about 5-6 miles round trip every few weeks. Probably going tomorrow. Wife is kicking my son and I out so she can clean. I've got a backback I drop the kid into and off we go.

  5. Same boat. Around this time of year I start scaling back on leg work and using more cardio-hike-mtn bike in its place. Unfortunately my legs shrink a bit but since I'm not a bber I don't care to much. I'd rather have skinny legs and a life I enjoy rather than mega quads and a sense of regret that I can't pack 20 miles/day anymore.

    I've yet to see a heavy weight monster who can hike or mtn bike like I do.



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