A tale of two more trainees

  1. A tale of two more trainees

    A tale of two more trainees

    Here is another tale of two more trainees that suffer the same delusion from the illusion of looking “flat” like the last two I wrote about. Only difference is this time their goals are different. They are both actively trying to add mass. Let’s see what happens to these two…….

    Both of these trainees are low-intermediate level trainees that made pretty good gains when they started, but have struggled big-time since then. They go to the gym week after week and lift the same poundage’s again and again rarely moving up in weight, both on the bar, and on their frame. After much studying they have both decided they are simply training using too much volume, and training too frequently so they both decide to do a low volume/frequency routine.

    Two weeks into it all their lifts are up, but………they look in the mirror and they look “flat”!!! It “LOOKS” like they are actually getting smaller!!!! The first trainee does what MANY, MANY trainees do in this situation, he immediately freaks-out and goes right back to the high volume, high frequency work that was failing him. The second trainee understands that since he is no longer doing so many sets and different lifts that the muscles will not be as full since nutrient loading will decrease with the decreased volume, so he keeps at it.

    Six month later the guy that went back to “what didn’t work before” is still struggling. His lifts have barely budged, and he looks about the same as he did six months prior. The second trainee has made remarkable progress. All his lifts are WAY up and he has put on a bunch of solid bodyweight and is getting compliments wherever he goes.

    Which would you rather be??

    Iron Addict

  2. Are we being quizzed on this?

    I want to be the trainee who isn't mentioned. This trainee can hang out on the couch and lose bf and gain lbm on beer alone. If he stacks beer with Cheetohs he gets really vascular.

    Yeah, I wanna be that guy.

    Methyl-Pork rinds anyone?

    Seriously though, I have to thank you and DC for really changing the way I looked at training and diet. It's been refreshing to see down-to-earth advice that is not only emperically valuable but functionally practical as well.

    Keep up the good work.

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