A Tale of two Trainees

Here is a tale of two different trainees that have the same goal. While it is purely fictional I see posts and talk to people constantly that repeat the same thing time and time again.

They are both trying to lose bodyfat and have decided to try a timed carb diet to get them there. They both start the diet and within a few days they both notice energy levels are down and worst of all they LOOK FLAT!!!! The mirror tells them they are shrinking!!! So………..the first one decides that it just isn’t acceptable and adds the carbs back and reduces calories even lower. And damn if he doesn’t notice that the scale is going down, and even more importantly he looks FULLER! He is on to something and those low carb diets just don’t work worth a damn.

The other trainee decides he is going to stay the course and tough it out. By week two energy levels are great, but he still looks flat. Unlike the other guy, he understands that each gram of glycogen stored in the muscle brings 3 grams of water with it, so the “flat” look he is seeing in the mirror is only a temporary event, and once he is carbed back up he will see the reduced fat, AND will be full and muscular. He also understands that carbs produce an insulin response, and insulin shuts down the fat burning pathways of the body, and as long as carbs are present the body will not give up the fat and will be as prone to burn muscle as a fuel source as fat.

Eight weeks later the two trainees again look in the mirror. They have both lost 16 lbs and have decided they are done with their diet phase. The first trainee is frustrated with his attempts to drop bodyfat because while he is 16 lbs lighter, it’s clear he still has way too much fat left and LOTS less muscle. It was easy to tell the muscle was coming off because his lift were either static, or in many cases went down.

The second trainee is lean, and actually gained some muscle. This was easy to tell was happening because his lifts all went up the whole time he was dieting.

Which would you rather be?

Iron Addict