Benching to your Neck

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    I never get a good feeling of what it works, it just stresses all my joints and frustrates me lol
    You've tried with both BB and DB's? I don't get any joint pain from using DB's...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by schizm View Post
    You've tried with both BB and DB's? I don't get any joint pain from using DB's...
    Haven't tried with DB's, good idea.
    BRB trying now
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  3. I've done neck presses before and you can tell that the muscles in your upper chest are working harder than you're normally used to them feeling. Even when it comes to incline presses and flyes, in my experience anyway.

    Really make sure to not use a lot of weight, especially at first! An exercise like this will make it very easy for you to put unnatural stress on your shoulder joints.

    So start light, make adjustments in your form if need be, and go from there. Even if you get your form down perfect, I still wouldn't use a lot of weight on this exercise. Make it supplemental to your chest program but don't build your program around it. When I was doing these I usually used between 135-155lbs.

    This gets me thinking... I've been doing a superset of incline flyes followed immediately by incline DB presses (works great, try it) but I may tinker with adding neck presses right after the incline DB presses.

  4. Dude your a twig. This exercise is for advanced lifters (even that's debatable). Play it safe and stick with the basics and you wont regret it. If you don't there's a good chance you will.

  5. Neck presses scare the hell outta me. The reward is not worth the risk if you damage a shoulder. I hurt my shoulders tryin to speed up my gains a few years ago and it cost me months of training.

  6. These look like an injury waiting to happen. I'm with moving_weight on this one.

    As an alternative, you could always just hit the incline bench, but use a wider grip and make sure to pinch your shoulder blades together as tightly as possible (like you're trying to pinch and hold a nickle there). I do this and I feel no front delt involvement whatsoever - in fact along with using negatives it can be pretty overwhelming for the upper pec muscles.

  7. just do 21s with incline barbell and deep deep dips with rest pause at top and bottom


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