elbow pain from squats!!!!

  1. You may want to try taking MSM. Now that you have irritated your elbow, everything you do with it will be a pain in the ass. I was having problems with mine so bad that it was getting impossible to curl with any weight. I started MSM three weeks ago and it has done a great job. Hardly any discomfort at all on my last bi workout.

  2. elbow pain from squats!!!!

    my squat was lagging from my deadlift.
    well my bar positioning was really to high so the leverage was too great on my lower back and foldong me over like a taco.
    I watched my buddy and all these massive freaks squat and the bar is 4-6 inches lower on there back. I have been squatting for some years but never really looked at the mechanics of it. I have been stuck around 350-400 for along time. One night I just got pissed, found my groove on my lower back, 425 descended really slow to parallel and with no lower back bend I blasted it, in disbelief I descended "ass to the grass" with a pause and smoked it for a double. rack it and my freakin elbow hasnt stopped hurting.
    well 500 is coming shortly and i solved that problem but created another.
    my elbow is knarled.
    I need some advice on stretches, holds, exercises, techniques, that could help me fix this. I want to go to the gym but if it hurts like this then i am OOC for a while.

  3. Try spreading your hands out onthe bar. My elbow has done the same thing in the past and hands where too close. Get a wider grip on the bar.

  4. i found out that the westside guys have been having the same problem.
    bicipital tendonitis.
    has to do with the brac tie in. it shoots down into your forearm too.(the pain)
    widen your grip. like you said jetset, it is a temporary condition.
    he recomended very light db curls to increase bloodflow and supplement.

  5. When mine was really bothering me I would stay away from Db hammer curls until it got better. The hammer curls just seemed to make it worse.



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