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    Routines I Like

    I structure routines for trainees a variety of ways, dependent on the trainee’s goals, recovery ability, and to a lesser degree psychological makeup and lifestyle/work schedule. I am frequently asked what kind of routines I do, and what types of routines I put my trainees on, and as you will see below there is no pat answer because they really do vary a lot. I have other routines posted on my website if you care to look. Now on to a brief view of some favorites:

    Here is a two day a week routine that I have absolute confidence in for myself, and many hardgainers and easy-gainers alike that want to devote time to “bread and butter training. If you have never done a two day a week routine you have no idea how much better you fill “fire” due to the time between workouts and the CNS recovery it allows.

    Day One:
    Bench Press, or Dumbbell Bench Press
    Military Press, or Dumbbell Press
    Heavy Abs

    Day Two:
    Wide Grip Chins
    Barbell Curl
    Trap Bar Deadlift Or Conventional Deadlift
    Calf Raise

    If using a Trap Bar I don’t do any other leg-work. When using a strait bar, I will do, or have trainees do leg presses also. Sets can be anywhere from one to ten sets a lift, but are usually closer to 1-3 per lift.

    A solid 3-day a week routine format I use a lot is.

    Day One:
    Dips or Bench Press
    Incline Press, or incline Fly
    Military Press, Or Hammer Shoulder Press

    Day Two:
    Hammer Pull-Down or Pull-Up
    Hammer Iso-Row, or Barbell Row
    EZ-Bar Or Dumbell Curl
    Heavy Abs

    Day Three:
    Deadlifts, or Stiff-Legged Deadlift
    Calf Raise

    Sets can again be anywhere from one to ten sets a lift, but are usually closer to 1-3 per lift. This is done Mon/Wed/Fri, or Tues/Thur/Sat. It also works well doing a 3 in 9 day rotation with 2 days rest between workouts.

    I also like DC style routines, but I structure the bodypart/days differently than Dogg. To see Dogg does his magic see the “cycles on pennies” thread on “the realm of Doggcrap and Iron Addict” on:

    For people that “recruit” fairly well, people with slightly above average genetics, or those that want to shift the focus slightly to more size as opposed to strength gains (strength gains are almost always the first priority and size follows) I use a lot of double rotation routines. This is a fancy term for saying the workout changes every other week such as:

    Day One:
    Bench Press
    Incline Press
    Military Press
    Skull Crushers

    Day Two:
    Wide grip Pull-Up
    Barbell Row
    Dumbell Curl
    Heavy Abs

    Day Three:
    Stiff-Legged Deadlift
    Calf Raise

    Day One, Week Two
    Incline Dumbell Press
    Hammer Shoulder Press
    Tricep Push-Downs

    Day Two, Week Two
    Supinated Grip Pull-Up/Down
    Hammer ISO-Row
    E-Z Bar Curl
    Hanging Leg Raises

    Day Three, Week Two
    Leg Press
    Leg Press Calf Raise

    And yet again, sets can be anywhere from one to ten sets a lift, but are usually closer to 1-3 per lift.

    Here is my favorite way to do “volume” work for those that are suited to it. I will list the sets here because it is what defines it as volume.

    Day One, Week One
    Dumbell Bench Press, 8 sets
    Hammer Incline Press 4 Sets
    Skull Crushers 5 sets
    Lateral Raise 6 sets

    Day Two, Week One
    Wide Grip Pulldown 8 sets
    Chest Supported Row 4 Sets
    EZ-Bar Curl 5 sets
    Heavy Abs

    Day Three, Week One
    Squat 8 sets
    Stiff legged Deadlift 5 sets
    Calf Raises 8 sets

    Day One, Week Two
    Dips 8 Sets
    Fly 5 sets
    Dumbbell Shoulder Press 8 sets
    Tricep Push-Down 6 sets

    Day Two, Week Two
    Hammer Row 8 Sets
    Supinated Grip Pull-Up/Down 5 sets
    Dumbbell Curl 3 sets
    Reverse Grip Curl 3 sets

    Day Three, Week Two
    Deadlift 5 sets
    Leg Press 8 sets
    Leg Press Calf Raise 6 sets
    Hanging Leg Raises 3 sets

    All sets are done with a constant weight, and only the last set is to failure.

    My Modified Westside Barbell approach is a favorite of mine when all-out strength is the goal. Please note this is NOT how Louis sets up his Westside Routines, but my modification of it for less than gifted lifters. Louis setup works like magic for lifters who recover well though. The max effort lift CHANGES EVERY 2 weeks.

    Bench Day:
    3 board press. Work up to a max single.
    speed bench using 60% of shirtless max 9 sets of 3
    tricep pushdown 4 x 10
    lateral raise 4 x 10
    Squat/Deadlift Day:
    good mornings work up to a max single (Louis recommends doing some form of good mornings 60-70% of the time for max effort work. Many variations are done.
    Speed squat 9 sets of 2
    Glute ham raise 4 x 10
    reverse hyper 3 x 10
    Upper Back/Assistance Day:
    Wide Grip Pull-Up/Down 4 x 10
    Barbell Curl 3 x 10
    Heavy Abs 2 x 8
    Grip Work

    OK, there are some of my favorites of mine. Which one is right for you? And in what set/rep structure? Hard to say without knowing a lot about you. But I can say this in full confidence, showing this to 10 lifters, 8 out of ten of them will not pick either of the first two listed, and 8 out of 10 would probably do best doing the first two, or a modified to fit DC style routine. Which do I use? All of them at times. What am I doing at this moment? One similar to the first one…….But that will change soon too.

    If you want precision to your training, consider having me personal train you. I can save months or years of wasted effort on your part.

    Iron Addict

  2. tried cycling for penny's by dogg for a while and i enjoyed the mass i packed on
    i might try these out after this current routine. thank you IA

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