Are You a Bodybuilder?

  1. Are You a Bodybuilder?

    A very large percentage of trainees that guide their efforts towards and profess to be bodybuilders have a little secret they try to keep to their selves. WITH THEIR SHIRT OFF, NO ONE WOULD EVER BELEIVE THEY WERE BODYBUILDING!!!

    Why is this so? Because they carry way too much bodyfat! Why do they do this? Because they know they are not big enough yet. Why do they feel the need to walk around fat to build muscle? Hell if I know??

    There are plenty of "little guys" that weigh 180-200 that are very lean that look great compared to the 230 lb guys that don't have any abs showing. While it is easier to build muscle when taking is massive calories and macronutrients there is no need to do this to the extreme that you are adding massive bodyfat while doing so.

    Summer will be upon us soon. Would you rather be 210 and lean with a body that looks good with your shirt off, or a "big guy" at 230 that looks big in a shirt, and like a pig without one? Well of course the right answer for many is 240 and lean, but.......until you have the muscle to be there, it will probably make you much happier along the way staying relatively lean while getting there.

    Iron Addict

  2. Great post I agree 100%.

  3. PC1
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    Oink, Oink,

    Brrrrfff. (spits out pork chop).

    Amen! Right on bro.....

    Dang, I gotta go for a jog now.

  4. Being a former fatty I fit into this quite nicely, I just can't stand letting myself get much over 13-14% in bodyfat before I start to feel like an absolute slob. That however is both a hindrance and a help as well though, as this has caused me to cut much sooner than I need to many times, robbing myself of gains along the way.

  5. exactly. there are many "bodybuilders" who look O.K. with their shirt on. there is no excuse for being overly fat, and claiming your a bodybuilder while overweight just makes the individual look like a clown.



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