So I finaly need a routine!

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    So I finaly need a routine!

    I've been lifting now for a year. I've made some nice gaines, but things have hit rock bottom. My diet is not completely in check but I don't eat bad foods, I just don't have a schedule for eating which I need to put together.

    I've never had a routine for lifting, I just lifted trying to focus on each muscle group. Here latley though I feel like that has gotten me as far as its going to and I need an actual routine. My goal isint as much strength as it is size and defenition.

    Age: 23
    Height 5'10
    Weight: 180lbs
    BF%: Probably around 13-14%

    Thanks guys!

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    If you read the stickies in this forum, you'll find a whole bunch of different approaches to training. Most likely there's one that fits your style of lifting already avaliable.

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