Please help me!!

  1. Please help me!!

    Hi im 35 years old 6'4 and weigh 400lbs. Ivebeen lifting weights off and on for most of my life. Iwant to make a seroius run at this stage in my life. Im currently supplementing with 300mg ad1, cyto blast and amino acids 3 times a day. also zma at night before bed. I eat ahigh protein diet and hit the gym every day b4 work for 1 1/2 hours including cardio and swimming laps. I want to get huge and lose fat. any suggestions??? Please help.

  2. What does you diet and workout look like? We can give you some suggestions if you give us something you have worked up

  3. 400lbs?? Ok man it sounds like you may need some serious, balls-to-the-wall cutting before you think about much else. What would you estimate your bodyfat to be?

  4. I have no idea what my body fat is but imsure its not good. Im not some big fat guy either i am very strong with a musculer body under neith it all....i think.

    Quote Originally Posted by jweave23
    400lbs?? Ok man it sounds like you may need some serious, balls-to-the-wall cutting before you think about much else. What would you estimate your bodyfat to be?

  5. Good luck man with your situation. I hope you get the results you want and can keep the motive to achive them. Good things take time.

  6. Ephedra

  7. Bro post your diet. Keep track of tomorrows intake of food and post it and we can work from there. The only way your going to get to where you want is through strict dieting, cardio, and weighlifting. If your serious and not just in it for a month then your at the right place. I made sound a little harsh but I'm a realist and people waste my time daily. Basically don't waste our time and we won't waste yours. We have the best of the best here.

  8. 5:30 am 1 pre bottled nitro tech- grape 1-ad/amino acids/myoblast
    6:00 am shoulders- bicepts
    6:45 am 30Min elliptical machine or tread mill
    8:15 am egg beaters w/2 sl. canadian bacon
    10:30 am atkins chocolate protein shake
    12:30 pm lg salad w/chicken breast 1-ad/amino acids/myoblast
    3:30 pm celery w/ Tblsp low carb peanut butter
    6:30 pm chicken stir fry w/ peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, onions 1-ad/aminos
    9:30 pm scoop low carb ice cream
    zma b4 bed..

    this is a typical day...any help????

  9. Welcome to the board bro! Others will be able to help you with a customized diet better than I can, but just some thoughts..First of all, I hope you realize that 1-AD is a prohormone and although it is not as potent as some others out there now, I hope you've researched what it is and what you're taking. Ditch the following: Anything made by Muscletech, bacon, anything made under the "Atkins" label, any kind of ice cream, amino acids, and the ZMA.
    Start spending your money on the following: tuna, cottage cheese, fish, chicken breasts, lean beef, eggs, healthy fats (nuts, flax seed, natural peanut butter), and vegetables. Visit and pick up some whey protein. Hope this helps a little.

  10. Ditch the atkins diet. You need carbs if you're going to lift. Try a 45p-30c-25f diet. Basically 45% of your daily intake of calories is from protein, 30% from carbs, 25% fats. This is my favorite diet for cuts. Also, this doesnt look like enough food to sustain a 400lb man...dieting is a slow process if you diet too hard your body might go into "starvation mode" where your body tries to turn everything to fat (stored energy) because it realises its not getting enough food and is preparing for the worst. I would try to start my diet at around 3600 calories a day if I were you and drop it slowly. At 3600 calories a day, your diet would be 405g protein, 270g of carbs, 100g fats a day if you follow my ratio split. Subtract like 150 calories a week and refigure your intake of g's. Just multiply calories by 45% (.45) and divide by four to find daily intake of grams of protein. Multiply daily intake of calories by 30% (.30) and divide by four to get daily intake of carbs. Lastly multiply daily intake of calories by 25% (.25) and divide by NINE to get daily intake of fats in g's.

    Regaurdless of your diet I wish you luck! Like previously posted buy the protein blend from . Chocolate tastes great! Also look into ephedrine. You dont have much longer to buy it, so act fast. I recommend Ripped Fuel original formula or thermo hydroxadrine. Either that or ask for help with a Ephedrine HCl/Yohimbine HCl/caffein stack


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