cardio and bodybuilding...

  1. cardio and bodybuilding...

    Is it okay to do cardio 5 times a week with some of those days occuring on the same day that i weightlift? i'm trying to do a two day split twice a week with no leg exercises. because i am leaving to the marine corps bootcamp in november I am trying to have cardio sessions of around 3 miles each. i'm supposed to be able to run 3 miles in 18 minutes.

    if i weightlift in the morning, and run in the evening, is that okay or is that considered overtraining? i plan to have one day off from everything every week.

  2. Do the cardio if you want...

    Goin into the boot camp, you prolly dont really care what you look like
    so I would go ahead and make sure I can run that 3 miles in 18 minutes, then once i
    knew i could, just lay off of it and do it every once in awhile, just to make sure you
    can still run it in time. (2 times a week maybe)

    Then once its gettin closer to November, go ahead and bump it up a bit, but dont wear yourself out with it

    ur gonna need all the energy u can get goin into boot camp

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