Should your military press grip be the same as your bench press grip?

  1. Should your military press grip be the same as your bench press grip?

    Meaning should your pinky always be around the BB ring or is your hand position not as important while MPing as it is while BPing?

  2. I tend to put my hands closer together when I'm military pressing, because I'm trying to take the lateral delts out of it as much as I can. I'd say i have my index fingers just outside my shoulders when I'm benching, and my pinkies lined up with my shoulders when I'm military pressing.

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  3. Just Position your hands where they will Benefit your Stimulation of the Muscle you are Working. Dont worry about "They should be 1.56 Ft apart" Or anything like that just Pump The Iron and Stimulate the Muscle you are Targeting (BOTTOM LINE)

  4. Bump that. Everyone is different and going to have different ideas. Just find what works for you.

  5. In all pressing movements for bodybuilding purposes, you want to grip so your forearm is straight vertical when your upper arm is parallel to the floor. This will be the best grip to place emphasis on pecs for chest movements or delts for military. You'll see that this results in a pretty wide grip. The closer grip you use, the less delt & more tricep is used.

    If strength training, then you'd use a slightly closer grip that would allow you to use heavier loads.
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  6. Longdog could not have said it better, took the words right out of my mouth.

    I always teach people square like a box, when lifting, everything is at a 90 degree...


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