I have mild tendonitis in my shoulders. The only thing that helps it is lifting and cardio. This is after I took 3 months off. Latly I have been wrestling and it seems to be aggrivating the tendonitis I thought had gone away. I was in the military and want to go back in and need to be able to withstand so real abuse like lots of calestenics and swimming. Its so tricky with this tendonits. It seems like when I work my shoulders hard it gets worse then gets stronger. I could use some advice. I want it gone for ever. My second question is when I did take all that time off because of the tendonits my knees began to ache. The only thing that makes the acheing go away is when I squat. Running also helps them. I don't get it. Also I love to dead lift but now if I make big jumps in weight my kness and ankles hurt. I don't know if I should stay with lighter weight or move up slower. Am I damaging myself? Am I done deadlifting heavy? Before all of this I was lifting hard and gained 40 ponds in 1.5 years these problems seemed to arise after I stopped and took time off to deal with the shoulder tendonitis.