Sale on Inzer gear

  1. Sale on Inzer gear

    Just thought I'd post this for any of you who use PLing equipment. I think Inzer sucks, but if you like it, Scott Taylor is having a sale on all their stuff. Some good prices.

    Sanosuke, they have a 10mm belt for like 27$ or something. I don't think it's Inzer at that price, but I'm sure it's good enough quality if Scott is selling it. I don't think he'd sell crap.

  2. What do you prefer?

  3. Titan. First, they just have better squat suits hands down. Their poly material is way better. They will soon have everything better, but for now they're much better at single poly shirts and all suits.

    Besides the quality of their gear, they also are way better at getting you the right sizes. You can even tell them exactly how you want it and they will accomodate. They may take longer to get you your stuff, but once you get it it actually fits, imagine that! Whenever I ordered from Inzer I would have to send the stuff back a million times and it still wouldn't get to me right.

    SO, Titan in my book equals better material and design, equally as nice costumer service people, but smarter when it comes to sizing. Even people I know from Westside tell me Inzer is stupid at sizing and if they don't care enough to get their stuff right, I see how they can care less if they screw up my order and I have to pay shipping back and forth 20 times.

    I don't think I'll ever go back to Inzer. They annoy me. Just my opinion, some people love them.

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