Cold/Numb Hands from Bench & Tricep Work

  1. Cold/Numb Hands from Bench & Tricep Work

    Just as the title says - just flat bb heavy bench, or any tricep work gives my cold hands for days, if not numb hands. I know the carpal/wrist area gets inflamed. Maybe I need to keep my water intake higher for a longer time and then have at it again...? Reverse bench press? Anyone else get this? 155 lbs bench 250. I move up and down in weight though.

  2. are your wrist bent when you bench? then your not generating alot of force behind your press. When your reverse pressing are ur wrist straight as well? Are you not keeping your wrist firm when you curl? alot of things can bother the wrist. Id get those heavy duty wrist wraps lift with those no matter what lift your doing and eventually it will heal.

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