Here is my upper Body 4 day split for FIna Cycle

  1. Here is my upper Body 4 day split for FIna Cycle

    I posted this in beans thread but thought i would post it here too.

    For my upcoming Fina ONLY cycle(200 mg at AROUND 40 percent absorption = 70-90 mg , BDC ph gel but with 20-30 percent dsmo about) my upcoming cycle this is my 4 day split. By the way im cutting out all leg work since i won't need it due to lagging upper body and to allow my upper bocy more recovery. So keep that in mind. Ill post though where i would have placed it had i wanted to do it. heres my split

    All work sets on major compound excercises will be of the rep range for 4 sets 15-12, 12-8, 10-6, 8-6 with 2 minute rests. Bodyweight excercises will be as many reps as i can get, hopefully above 4 reps for all sets.

    Isolations will be 1-3 sets with 1 minute rest with 12-6 rep range.


    Flat Bench Barbell 4 sets
    Bench Press(close Grip) 4 sets
    Shoulder Press(barbell) 4 sets

    flat flyes 2 sets
    skull crushers 2 sets
    lateral raises 1 sets


    Pullups(wide grip) 4 sets
    Bent Over Rows(regular grip) 4 sets
    Shrugs(dumbells) 3 sets
    Bicep Curls barbell 2 sets
    Forearm Reverse Curls 2 sets
    Rear lateral raises 1 sets


    *Ommiting squats/stiff leg deadlifts*

    Incline Dumbell press 4 sets
    Pullovers 4 sets
    Incline Flyes 2 sets
    Tricep extensions 2 sets
    Front raises 1 sets


    *ommitting calf raises*

    Pullups(close underhand) 4sets
    Bent overrows dumbell 3 sets
    Hammer Curls 2 sets
    Bent over rows(elbows out to work posterior delts) 1 set

    Wristcurls/extensions dumbells 1 set curls 1 set of extensions per hand
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