wrist pain (anti-inflamitory transdermal?)

  1. wrist pain (anti-inflamitory transdermal?)


    so the doctor tells me that I have Tenosynovitis in both wrists... No working out until it improves (swelling of the tendon sheath in both wrists) Does anybody know on somebody that sells an anti-inflamitory transdermal? Or a recipe to make one? Could I use T-gel, and add Ibuprofin to it?

  2. Never heard of a pre-made one. T-gel wouldnt be good, because its designed for systemic absorption. You'd need localized delivery: Avant's gel #3 or brew your own. There is a homebrew recipe for a site-specific carrier lotion in the R&D section.

  3. Get a 2nd opinion to be safe. I was told that I had that in my left wrist....after 2 months of worsening pain, I decided to get an MRI.

    As it turns out, I had ripped a sheath of cartilage in my wrist. After some arthroscopic and 2 weeks of rest, I was back pounding the weights.

    Just my experience....

  4. Thumbs up


    100% veterinarian recomended.

    its what the big boys use!

    I am going to try it on my elbow, as soon as i get some $$$

  5. get Voltaren



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