Exercise Science/Training....Test your knowledge!!

  1. Talking Exercise Science/Training....Test your knowledge!!

    Alright I got this straight out of my lates issue of Muscle&Fitness..

    if you wanna cheat...go ahead and scroll down to the answers....you lazy bastards..

    but if you're honest then write down your answers on a peice of paper or something and then compare them to the answers down at the bottom...and then post your score (be honest please)

    By Bill Geiger, Executive Director

    Pump Quiz

    Think you know squat?  Take this muscle midterm and test your iron IQ.

    1) Which are the 4 Quadriceps muscles?

    a) rectus femoris

    b) vastus lateralis

    c) vastus intermedius

    d) biceps femoris

    e) vastus medialis

    2) True or False: Rounding your back is acceptable only when doing ab or some lower-back movements

    3) Of the two calf muscles, which crosses the knee joint, therefore disengaging it to some degree in bent-knee calf exercises like the seated calf raise?

    a) soleus

    b) gastrocnemius

    4) True or false: Since the hamstrings muscle group crosses two joints, it is best trained with exercises that work it from both hips and knees.

    5) Which exercise better isolates just the Pecs?

    a) incline bench press

    b) pec-deck flye

    6) Which exercise is a better choice to start off your shoulder routine?

    a) dumbbell shoulder press

    b) lateral raise

    7) Which exercise isolates the rear delt head?

    a) front raise

    b) cable lateral raise

    c) military press

    d) bent-over lateral raise

    8) True or False: On Stiff-legged deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts, you should bend over as far as possible to completely stretch the hamstrings.

    9) To concentrate emphasis on the inner thighs when doing a squat, you should take a ________ stance.

    a) narrow

    b) medium

    c) wide

    10) Which is a good choice to lead off your triceps routine?

    a) rope pressdown 

    b) dumbbell kickback

    c) bench dip

    d) reverse-grip pressdown

    11) The wider you take a grip on the bench press, the work performed by the triceps:

    a) decreases

    b) increases

    c) stays the same

    12) Which rep range has been shown to be most optimal for building muscle?

    a) 8-10

    b) 12-15

    c) 20-25

    13) When you raise your arms overhead in a triceps exercise, which of the three heads gets stretched so that it will contract more strongly?

    a) long

    b) medial

    c) lateral

    14) When doing and exercise you head should be aligned so that you are:

    a) looking up

    b) looking down

    c) looking forward

    15) As a general rule, the longer you rest between sets, the ______ weight you can usually lift.

    a) less

    b) more

    c) about the same

    16) Which of these muscle pairings reflects the wrong order to train bodyparts?

    a) chest and back

    b) thighs and calves

    c) chest and triceps

    d) biceps and back

    17) Which would not be considered a mass-builder for the chest?

    a) dumbbell flye

    b) bench press

    c) flat-bench dumbbell press

    d) incline bench press

    18) Which kind of movement increases overall biceps stimulation when doing dumbbell curls?

    a) using a neutral grip

    b) doing pronation movements

    c) doing supination movements

    d) using a reverse grip

    19) Which is the best choice for an ab movement to target the lower abs?

    a) crunch

    b) crossover crunch

    c) reverse crunch

    d) decline bench crunch

    20) Which movement helps build up the middle back muscles most effectively?

    a) pull-up

    b) seated cable row

    c) front pulldown

    d) chin-up












































































    1) a,b,c,e....d is part of the hamstrings

    2) True, you need to round your back to effectively work the abs and when doing low-back moves like roman chair extensions, but should keep an arch in your back when training other bodyparts

    3) b. The gastroc gets maximal stimulation through straight-leg movements.

    4) True.  Leg-curl movements target the hams from the lower end, romanian and srtaight legged deadlifts and good mornings work the hams from the top half.

    5) b.  The incline press is a exercise that also works the front delts and triceps.

    6) a.  Starting your workout with a compound movement is generally preferable, and shoulder presses are a compound exercise.

    7) d.

    8) False.  Trying to stretch too far increases the shance of you rounding out your back, which can be dangerous.

    9) c.  The wider stance hits the inner thighs more directly

    10) c.  Starting off with a compound exercise allows you to really go heavy and work the triceps hard while they are still fresh.

    11) a.  The wider you grip the more stress is put on the pecs.

    12) a.  Higher rep sets, while still effective, dont build maximal muscle size.

    13) a.  This is because the long head attaches above the shoulder joint

    14) c.  Looking too far up or down effects the natural arch of your spine; looking straight forward allows you to assume a strong, stable position with a natural arch in your back

    15) b.

    16) d. Your biceps are involved in back exercises, and if fatigued first, wont hold up for heavy weights needed to stimulate the back muscles....Its also true that you should not train triceps before chest since the triceps are involved in pressing movements.

    17) a.  This is a single joint exercise that typically completed near the end of your chest workout.

    18) c.  When using dumbbells, turning your hand up while you curl (supinating) increases the overall stimulation of the biceps.

    19) c.  To best work your lower abs, stabilize your upper torso and bring your knees to your chest.

    20) b.  Rowing movements are superior for the development of the middle-back muscles.



    18-20: Very good...Ever consider a career as a personal trainer ( I scored 19 )

    15-17: Not bad...you've actually been reading and applying what you've read.

    11-14: You probably think a Snickers bar is a good pre-workout snack.  Yeah, right

    below 10: We said this was an advanced test..Just goes to prove that resistance training is more complicated than just lifting heavy weights.  It helps to know what you're doing...keep reading.




    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  2. Christ if you didnt get at least 19 on that you should have to re-take 9th grade anatomy.

  3. shooooot...i didnt take my human anatomy/physiology class until my junior year


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  4. Thankfully I got 18, of course I probably just wouldn't have posted if I got less than 16 or so

  5. Pork chop got a five I have the results in my PM

  6. Originally posted by DarCSA
    Pork chop got a five I have the results in my PM
    shhh, it was a 6 anyway man

  7. I got about a 15. I didn't know exactly what 2 or 3 of the questions was asking so when i checked answeres i gave the answer i would have probably given had i known what they were asking.

  8. i got 19 on it...good thing...or else my masters in Exercise Science would be a waste

  9. agreed....pretty basic. Stopped after 8 (all right.... ) however the questions that ask you "what exericse is best to start off...." could have been a trick question (ie one might start with an iso movememnt rather than a compound to pre-exhaust but knowing this is muscle and fitness, you probably better off sticking to the basic knowledge. Cmon people, i know there some dudes here that got like a 10. come forth!! ha

  10. Well considering i don't have a degree or certification in jack **** and have been lifting not that long i think i did damn good!

  11. even if you got below 10 who cares....some of the questions are debatable.

  12. i did better than i thought i would , but i still suck at the technical names of muscles.

  13. 18, One bone-head mistake, the other I couldn't remember tri-ceps...Guess I need to re-take 9th grade anatomy, for the fourth time!


  14. Originally posted by Blindfaith
    ..some of the questions are debatable.
    yeah I agree...the way that some of the questions were worded made them somewhat difficult to understand.


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  15. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Christ if you didnt get at least 19 on that you should have to re-take 9th grade anatomy.
    i guess i need to go see if i can register


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