20 rep squat question

  1. 20 rep squat question

    I've decided to jump on the 20 rep squat bandwagon. My question is how many sets of these do people do? I banged out one set today and realized after trying to do another that I seriously need to reduce the weight for the second set. Anyways, trying to get a general concensus as to wether I should do one or more sets of these.

  2. Cool

    I'm a huge proponant of this program and I can honestly say that if you can even think of doing a second set you didn't work them hard enough. These are meant to be done as 20-rep "breathers" meaning you should need at least a 3 breath pause after each rep. It kind of ends up being more like 20 sets of singles rather than one set of 20.

  3. Gethuge just said it all. If you can even think of doing another one, you didn't do the first one right. While there is no need to push yourself till you are actually sick, I have seen countless people puke after doing these. None of these guys felt the need for set 2.

    This book:


    How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks
    by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.

    is recommended reading for EVERY lifter who truly wants to be bigger. While I have never seen anyone gain 30 lbs in 6 weeks without doing a lot of gear, I have seen many people add 30 lbs in a few months doing slightly abbreviated versions of 20 rep squat routines

    I have quite a bit of info about 20's and other abbreviated routines at my site also:


    iron addict

  4. Excellent advice, thanks guys. IA it was your site, and specifically the 'how to train yourself' thread here several months ago that inspired me to get McRoberts books and to try chopping my training way down.

    Just a thought, if it works for squats what would the effects of a 20 rep deadlift set be? Would it be too much on the lower back?

  5. 20 rep deads work awesome! But for some it is too taxing on the lower back. Also DON'T try to do these in the same week you do deadlifts.

    Iron Addict

  6. super squats

    "This is not the book to buy to start you off in weight lifting. It's message is pretty darn simple, and can be conveyed in a review. Do single sets of 20 rep squats 2-3 times a week. Take in a boat load of chow and get plenty of rest, add 5 lbs. to the bar every week, and you'll get a lot stronger. Some of the information conflicts with other sources, which seem to me to be more up to date and better reasoned. The best iron game writer around is Stuart McRobert, whose Beyond Brawn and Insider's Tell All Handbook to Weight Training Technique should be the core of your training library. (Strossen won't mind this recommendation, he and McRobert seem to be pretty well acquainted and mutually admiring.)"

    This seems to be the jist of the book according to the amazon reviews.

    IA - what is your take on wearing a belt or not when going heavy? i didnt see a reply from you on the thread below.


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