Calculation of BMI in elderly double amputee?

  1. Calculation of BMI in elderly double amputee?

    bit of a strech, but after an hour of fruitless googleing, I wonder if anyone has any experience, or better luck with google / pubmed than me in finidng some inforamtion on this!

    A friend of mine has too calculate BMI's in a healthcare enviroment, and her senior insists on getting BMI readings for all clients. While the calculation would provide a frame of refference, it got me to thinking is there any standard way of adjusting these. Im not a profeesional in this field, and I assume not all amputations are the same (this case is a double leg bilateral amputee)

    anyway, just throwing this out here too see if anyone else can make any suggestions or find any papers that may help my friend!

    thanks in advance, sorry for the slightly out of topic question, but may interest some of ya!

  2. I worked in healthcare for 7 years and have never come across any standards for this sort of situation. By measuring the person you can calculate BMI, but it's going to be relatively meaningless since their really isn't any standard to compare it to. BMI standards are based on epidemiological data correlated with health risks and there simply isn't enough data to make standards for these type of special situations.
    Skinfolds or some other body composition measure will be much more useful in this situation. Tell your friend to just do the calculation to appease her boss, but it's going to be fairly useless.

  3. thanks, I did find refference too one research paper, which I couldnt access, but I tottaly agree, will pass on the info!

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