Favorite routine for PH/PS

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    Favorite routine for PH/PS

    I`m going to be starting a T1-PRO cycle in a week.
    I`ve been trying to read as much as possible about what routines are best for PH/PS cycles, but I`m still a little uncertain.

    I`ve read that some advocate using GVT, some just keep the same basic routine but increase sets, reps & frequency, whilst others do HIT with increased intensity.

    If you were going to do a 4 week cycle of T1-PRO at moderate dosage with the objective of bulking up, what routine would you use and how does it differ to your `normal` routine (ie when off PH/PS)?

    Can you state:
    *the method of training you would follow (if any), ie GVT;
    *the training split;
    *set/rep scheme;
    *rest time between sets;
    *duration of workout;
    *how it differs to your `normal` routine;
    *what routine you`d follow post cycle, ie reduced volume, take a week off etc.

    If there already is a thread dealing specifically with this question, let me know & I`ll delete it.
    I think that this kind of info would really help a lot of us in planning for future cycles.

  2. ****, would you like me to come over and lift the weights for you too??

    If you feel you're already in good shape, I think GVT is bar-none for AAS or heavy PH cycles. Your recovery will be much better with the PH and upped protein intake, so you can afford to do GVT for good mass. The GVT link is here. I would go 2 exercises a day, 10 sets each 10 reps. 30 seconds max inbetween sets and this various from a normal routine in the sense that its added volume and mediocre weight, but has been proven effect, and even more so with the use of PHs or AAS.
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    I could use a spotter

  4. I agree with YJ on this.  I'm doing GVT on my current cycle and the pump is great.  I'm doing two exercises supersetted for ten set of ten reps and then two exercises supersetted for 3 sets of 6 reps.  On each I'm taking 90 sec rest.  On leg day you'll feel it for three days at least.  Post cycle I'll go back to a six day split working each body part once per week.  Let us know how it works out and good luck.

  5. I could use a blow job

    I don't know but this upcoming cycle im gonna do a 4 day split instead of my usual 3 day split. Im gonna be hitting the upper body 4 times( 2 times a week for pull and push upper body each). Ill probably do a total of 70 sets for my upper body per week. Legs only once a week. Actually because my legs are ahead of my upper body a and i dont need leg excercises for hormonal output while on cycle but getting rid of them will elp with my overall recovery im probably gonna ommit them for the first 2 or 3 weeks of my 4 week cycle.
  6. Nelson
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    What split are you following?
    Are you on a T1-PRO cycle?
    Hope it goes well for you.

  7. Originally posted by Nelson

    Can you state:
    *the method of training you would follow (if any), ie GVT;
    *the training split;
    *set/rep scheme;
    *rest time between sets;
    *duration of workout;
    *how it differs to your `normal` routine;
    *what routine you`d follow post cycle, ie reduced volume, take a week off etc.

    ive done two cycles of 1-test/4ad at pretty close ratios of the two ph both times (the 2nd, being equal 1-test/4ad, the 1st being T-1) i used two seperate workout routine, gvt the 2nd time through and my regular split (legs,chest/bi,off,back/traps,shoulders/tri,off,repeat) with added volume as far as sets/reps, but not frequency of training days. my gains as far as weight were similar during the two runs, but strength increase had an edge for the 2nd cycle....the one with GV training. I did tweak it slightly, not opting for gvt style training on leg day (after 2 grueling grueling days of it...of 10/10 squats and deadlifts..ouch). but to give you another option other than GVT type training routine, i will lay out what i changed as far as my workouts the first cycle through. I upped my duration from 1 1/4 hours to 1 3/4 to sometimes 2 on leg days (i know....) my exercises stayed pretty much the same, using mainly compound movements, routines centered around variaitons of deads, squats, rows, and pressing movements. however, the rep range was lowered slightly from 8-12 to 5-8. My rest duration between sets were slightly longer by 10-15 secs for isolation movements and 20-30 for bigger lifts. I was happy and had great energy for both cycles so i say you really cant go wrong with either selecting a GVT workout or simply adding volume to your current.
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    Thanks for your input.
    I think that I will increase volume & stick to 2 on/1 off/2 on/1 off/ repeat
    (Back/Bi; Chest/Tri; off; Legs/Abs; Delts/Traps; off; repeat.)
    I can`t wait to get started.
    Like a kid waiting for Santa
    BTW what gains did you get from the T1-PRO cycle?
  9. Re: Sage

    Originally posted by Nelson

    BTW what gains did you get from the T1-PRO cycle?
    ive never used t-1pro. the t-1 and superone+ i received from another poster here are the two transdermal ive used thus far. Also, for feburary, im planning to take only 300mg of 1-ad along with 2 squirts once a day of the bottle of T-1 i have from my first purchase from bdc. but after that (cant wait for this one...) im planning to stick strictly with a 1-test heavy brew, either 10-12g of 1-test only per 240mL or 10g of 1-test with just a spirnkle of 4ad (similar to the t-1pro) but if you still wanted to know what my gains were for the two cycles i have done, they both were similar in weight gain (8 lbs for a 3 and 4 week cycle, keeping 6-7 of them) while strength gains in all my lifts were noticable also in both...slightly more for the 2nd one. (for example i will give you some lifts prior to the start and the end of the 2nd cycle (unfortuately, i didnt record my lifts prior to starting the 1st.

    squat(before/after): 235 / 275 for 7-8 reps
    deads (full): 245 / 275 for 8
    bench (flat): 180 / 200 for 8 (my weakness)
    db incline chest: 65-70 / 75-80 for 8
    close grip (flat): 150 / 175 for 8

    just listed off some basic movements but all my lifts did increase both cycles through

  10. On my 3 day split i gain like 12 lbs of lbm in less then 4 weeks. Ive done it both times ive run a 5 week cycle(closing in around 15 lbs + lbm) and getting accused of juicing cause of blowing up so fast.

    Problem is a lot of it is water weight. This last cycle i lost more then i sould have because i got sick 3 weeks after postcycle due to that stupid 6-OXO. I got a bad fever from a stupid cold and everyone else just got the sniffles. Also i hadn't had a cold in YEARS!

    I should have kept 10 of those lbm pounds based on past experience but im also getting higher up in weight too so i sould have at the very least kept 8 but i wound up only keeping 6 or 7 a month later.
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    Nice gains

    Nice gains Sage & Pjorstad.

    Sage - My weakness also lies in my bench. I`m looking to increase that by 15% this cycle. It`s the one lift that is lagging behind all the others.

    Pjorstad - It`s a shame about getting hit with a cold post-cycle. But there`s always next time. Did you complete the 3 day split twice a week whilst on cycle?

  12. No nelson i only worked out 3 times a week. I guess i should be thankful for the lbm gains i can get on a 5week cycle with only working out 3 times a week. I think i would have gotten better gains though if i worked out more oftten in my upper body, not sure. One improtant thingthough i was doing a routine that does low and low-medium reps with high rest time, notyour ideal cycle workout.

    This round im gonna work my upper body 4 times a week instead of 2 times a week. Also im cuttingthe rest time and upping the reps as i believe this is the best way to see full potential . Also ill be doing fina so ill be more aggressive and will need to be in the gym more often

    Actually my bench is the most lagging almost too and you know what?? I increase it about 15 percent in 4-5 weeks. Thats nothing bro though, my squat went up a whopping 25 percent in 3 weeks and 33 percent increase in 5 weeks And as usual my high rep sets on the squats continued to slowly go up for a few weeks postcycle.

    ABout the sickness yah it sucked. It happened right on leg day so my body didn't really recover from that day too well and i really needed that leg day too since it was o close to after my cycle. I was using a moderate dosage of 6-OXO 3 weeksin. A couple of days i even did 5 pills that late. If i had to do it again i would do taper it down to only 200 mg for the whole 3rd week.


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