How's my HIIT & SFP?

  1. Talking How's my HIIT & SFP?

    I have just started doing HIIT as I now will have limited time in the gym. I used to do it on a track but no longer have one accessible. I do a 1-1 interval on a stairmaster for 15 minutes. Doing 30 seconds at level 15 and 30 seconds at level 5. Does this sound good? Should I do a 2-1 interval? Also, I recently read about SFP (stubborn fat protocol). It is 15 minutes of HIIT, followed by 5 minutes complete rest and finally 45 minutes steady state cardio. Has anyone tried this and seen noticable results over just HIIT. Lastly the SFP says wait 1 hour after workout for protein. Do I do this during plain HIIT too?

  2. any input on nutrient timing while doing HIIT?

  3. never heard of SFP.. sound interesting, got any links with more info on it

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