Bodybuilding Audio Series - "Experiments vs. Experience"

  1. Bodybuilding Audio Series - "Experiments vs. Experience"

    This was a great series that T-Mag used to run, but they pulled the plug on it for some reason or the other. Each episode features Dr. Lonnie Lowery and other bodybuilding experts discussing the answers to questions posted by bodybuilders regarding several different subjects. As with the title, Experiments vs. Experience, they answer the question from both a scientific viewpoint as well as a bodybuilder's experience viewpoint.

    The .wma links are Windows Media Audio files, so you will need Windows Media Player or the WMA Audio Codecs to listen to them.

    The .rm links are Real Media files, so you will need Real Player to listen to them.

    Both the .rm and .wma episodes are exactly the same thing, just in different formats.

    Does bodybuilding training help or hinder athletic performance?

    Protein Supplements vs. Meat

    To Squat or Not to Squat?

    Is bulking up better than slow growth?

    How fast can I gain muscle?


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