HELP! Reaching Out To The Well Informed!

  1. HELP! Reaching Out To The Well Informed!

    I am trying to find a good site/resource for peer reviewed study looking for studies on specifically on the topic of Nutrient Timing and Caloric Intake in individuals trying to lose large amounts of weight....

    I am looking for resources that are peer reviewed because there is a lot of bull out there, unless it is backed by science, testing on people, and facts, I am not really interested....

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Is this for graduate course work? If so, your department should be able to set you in the right direction to find credible sources. I'll assume you've tried pubmed?

  3. could say graduate level coursework, I want to use peer reviewed research to put together powerful explanations to people's diet questions, I am building a business from the ground up, and a big part of it is going to be credible science backed research...I am not in college, so the resources that colleges use are not within my awereness, I am open to the most widely known approaches (they won't be known by me=)...I will check out pubmed first. Thank you!!

  4. Google Scholar is pretty decent, and a fair number of publicly funded study are also publicly available nowadays.

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