Any Input?

  1. Any Input?

    Anyone got any input about a routine structure like this:
    Day 1 - Bench Press
    Mil. press
    Day 2 - Dips
    Barbell Row

    3 workouts/ week - day1/day2/day1 - day2/day1/day2 etc

    Each exercise 2 sets

    Seems to help with the overtraining issue by cutting out all of the isolation excercises. Of course the goal is to gain strength, and size.

    I've figured out how to gain weight on a 3/4 day cycle (seems to be a direct function of protein intake for me), but I seem to get sick often on this type of routine. Thought I'd take IAs advice finally and cut it back - Just wish I wasn't so damn stubborn to wait this long before finally trying it. Any input?

  2. Well you are overlapping a few body parts. i personally use mostly compound exercises and my split looks like this

    day1 Bench 3 sets
    flyes 3 sets
    chins 3 sets
    some form of row 3 sets
    day 2 rest
    day3 squats 2 warmups then a 20 rep set
    leg extensions if I can 3 sets
    Curls 3 sets
    tricep pressdownd 2 sets

    day 4 rest
    day 5 mil press 3 sets
    lat raises 3 sets
    day 6, 7 rest

    go up weight or reps in every compund movement every week substitute deads for chins every other week. Ive been growing on this for awhile and its not a ton of volume.

  3. I dont see how this works at all brother. You're hitting numerous bodypart everyday you workout bro. The choice of exercises are solid. Using compound exercises, you really cant go wrong with. Two "buts" though. Ive tried stickig to chins and bench to secondaryly hit the bicep and tris respectively, but you cant do that for long.... from personal experience. But you need to come up with a better split than what you laid out. You arent going to be avoiding overtraining, you're gonna be running head on into it by hitting chest, back, legs, everyday. Consider something like this....
    Day One: Bench, Dips, Military Press
    Day Two: Squats, BB rows, Chins, Deads (this might be too much, hitting two of the largest body group on the same day) But this is a much better split with the given exercises.

  4. Thanks for the input. Pulled routine out of MD magazine, guess it just goes to show I shouldn't believe everything I read eh?

    I see your points in regards to the split, perhaps I'll just keep my current 3 way, changing the exercises to the ones noted and lowering the overall volume of sets. Deads and Squats the same day would kill me I think, but I'm keen to have them both in the routine.

    Assuming you've got the individual exercises split properly into 2 days, would it desirable overall to follow a 1/2/1 2/1/2 workout plan, or is that simply too much volume/lack of recovery time?

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