Achilles Heel Off Center! Pronation Problems and ITB

  1. Achilles Heel Off Center! Pronation Problems and ITB

    Hey guys, I am pretty sure I have some muscular imbalances in my hips and feet, but no trainer or D.O. or physical therapist has been able to help me.. not even doctors.. I am posting a picture of my achilles tendons when standing completely straight and forward.. the tendons bow inward and no matter how I twist my foot, pronate, supinate, twist.. I can't figure out how my feet should be! I wear orthotics and have a very high arch in my right foot, and a very flat foot in my left. Any help is really appreciated..even being pointed to someone that could help would be really awesome.
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  2. I have some messed up feet...seeing a podiatrist got me inserts and helped a bit but the best thing I have ever done was to go to a local running store that fit based on where I carry my weight in my feet and my gait on a treadmill.

    They first had me stand barefoot on a pad that showed my balance and where my feet were carry weight. Left foot 80% heel, 20% ball of foot, Right foot 60% heel, 40% ball of foot. This also showed the degree of "flat foot" I had. Next they had me run on a treadmill and videotaped the run. This showed that while running my right foot pronated so badly that I was almost running on my ankle. Several shoes and several different inserts and I left the store running correctly.

    I did the fitting because I wanted to run more often in addition to my regular training and found that my legs were killing me after even a short run. The side benefit is that while doing squats, deadlifts, feet are positioned better which allows me to do more. No claims of suddenly adding 500 lbs to my squat or deadlifting buicks but it has helped.

    Just a thought.

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