Rotate your wrist while doing DB exercises?

  1. Rotate your wrist while doing DB exercises?

    Are there advantages to rotating them while doing DB curls, bench presses, or shoulder presses? Does it recruit more muscle fibers or anything?

  2. Good question, I'd like to see it answered also. I've always wondered why people rotated their wrists during DB bench. I know rotating while doing curls will work different parts of the head of your bicep, but never saw the advantage of doing it on other exercises.

  3. Thats what some people say and do, but I couldn't tell you, bump for a reply though....^^^

    LOL, you beat me to the bump jdog..

  4. For DB curls it is to isolate the Biceps Brachii , its natural motion is to flex the elbow and suppinate.

    With DB chest presses. I think most people believe they are getting a better range of motion because they can get their hands closer together at the top of the movement when they turn them inwards. However at the top of the motion there is no resistence against the muscle because it is strait through your arm at that point due to gravity. Also when you turn the weights in you are most likely internaly rotateting at the shoulder and taking the pec major out of its advantageous position.

    As for DB shoulder presses, I believe it is the same reason people rotate them during chest presses. They believe they are getting a better range of motion at the top.

  5. The bicep has 2 functions, to raise the lower arm & to supinate the wrist. So rotating during db curls works them completely. I feel like db curls with my wrists supinated (not rotating) the whole time work better for some reason though. I switch off.

    The only advantage to rotation during bench or shoulder press I see is recruiting the rotator cuff. I think the reason you see so many guys doing db bench press with a neutral or rotating grip, is that they think they are doing flyes. They want to use much more weight than they could use for real flyes, etc.



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