monthly lifting schedule information

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    Question monthly lifting schedule information

    I have recently changed my routine since it has been 4 weeks on my previous ,and as you all know the body adapts. I was wondering, since I changed my routine from 1 muscle group a day to, each muscle group twice weekly; is it necessary to change the time of day I lift. I am free in the mornings and it is most convenient for me around 8 - 9 A.M. Is it alright if I still lift at this time?

  2. Definitely... we are not all bodybuilders that can sit around the gym for hours and eat at the gym and confuse our body. If that is the most convenient for you than thats fine. I just changed up my routine too. I recently tried out vastmuscle workout programs and nutrition programs an enjoy their stuff. They update workouts monthly so your never doing the same stuff over and over.

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    good i'll check into that also..

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