Groin injury during squats?

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    I was doing squats a little over a week ago and when I went down I felt a tweak in my groin. I went down one more time felt the pain again and then stopped. How long should I wait for it to heal. It was agitated during my ab workout this week. Also, I stopped cardio as that aggravates it also. How long should I wait to get back into legs so I don't reinjure my groin? It is a slight pull and is not excruciatingly painful. However, I am unable to complete my routines.


  2. I would give it about two weeks, I had a real bad pull in my groin about a year ago and it took about a month to heal up all the way. I didn't really give it the time needed, it was wrestling season so I still trained.

    If you give it the time it should heal up pretty fast. Make sure that when you get back into lifting you take it a little slow so you don't re-pull it and have to take more time off. I would also try to do some light stretching while you're recovering, as long as it doesn't aggravate, and definitely stretch regularly once you start training legs again. Hope it heals well and you get back into it soon. Good luck.

  3. Thanks. I have been stretching it every day or so since I injured it. I will give it til the end of next week and that will be 3 weeks. Hopefully, it will be good by then. Stretch!

  4. I had a groin injury doing squats a few weeks ago aswell, just felt a pop at the bottom of the squat, walking was painful for two days slight discomfort for another 2 days, 2 weeks later I could squat again fine.

  5. It took a couple of weeks for my leg to recover from a "pop".

  6. 3 weeks is what it took me for the same injury, but then I still started back easy. Listen to your body and don't push it too hard. You could go from a pull to a tear...

  7. Once the initial inflammation and any swelling subside, it's a good idea to find some light exercises to pump blood into the area. Even starting with unweighted squats would be a good idea. It's OK if there is a little discomfort as long as it doesn't get worse or cause re-injury. You can do this daily and slowly add weight as tolerated. Do a bunch of reps (several sets of at least 20). Also do some very gentle stretching (again don't re-injure it) every day. You can ice the area after these "rehab" sessions. This allows you to heal while the muscle is utilized in it's normal function.
    Once you are fully healed, you may also consider some soft tissue work to break down any scar tissue or adhesions, although the rehab outlined above should minimize these. Take your time and rehab well. Groin injuries are notorious for lingering and causing long-term problems. Good luck.

  8. Thanks S2000 great info. I did a set of body weight squats today. I will continue doing those throughout the week. I will also use some ice after my next very light legs workout.

  9. Two weeks minimum and then test it out... squat with now weight or do a light leg press to test it out

  10. When the swelling goes down, and the pain goes away you are still going to feel it for a while. I had this for about 8 months once, i started doing the hip abductor and went away in 2 weeks.


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