pushpull effective or counter productive?

  1. pushpull effective or counter productive?

    chest/shoulders/tris example.... back and bis...

    So im reading different veiws about this and wondering what you guys think...say if one did this basic split..

    day 1.chest,shoulders and triceps
    day 2.rest
    day 3.legs,calves
    day 4.rest
    day 5.back and biceps
    day 6.rest or repeat day 1

    Would shoulders and triceps not grow as much because energy was used up during chest sets and by the time you hit shoulders and tris there would not be enough there to properly train them to stimulate growth?and on the same note for the back and bicep example ...would bicep growth suffer and come slower as well?or could one still build decent biceps training them with back?And if one was using this split how many sets for the small body parts after them being hit indirectly would be enough without it being overkill?with that example split i notice that the small muscle groups get 4-5 day of rest..the shoulders ,bis and tris...would that be too much rest and cause atrophy or no gains ?Ive been training for years all kinds of ways and splits and you know how it is allways chasing that perfect split...like to see what you guys feel about this subject.

    And another question ..chest workout frequency...hitting chest to me 1 time a week has allways felt like too much rest... whats the minimum amount of rest you guys have got away with and made good progress while squeezing shoulders and triceps in there?

  2. Good question your concern makes sense, and probably only u would know if your biceps arent gettin worked out after back... i think every week you should switch it up...instead of workin back first do biceps...or instead of chest first do shoulders..

  3. im always a fan of chest twice a week. but this is what ive learned. u cant do the same thing twice and u gotta cut back ur volume. i like to do flat bench one day and dumbells the other day. this is how ive made my greatest strength and size gains on chest. id also recommend doing back twice to keep the balance.

    as for arms on the same day after theyve already been hit. i think your gonna be fine. if ur still worried do this, u can cut down the volume or put the bi/tri work earlier in their respective workouts. i dont even work arms usually and i turned out fine

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