houlder injury question

  1. Shoulder injury question

    I was hitting the heavy bag, and suddenly my right shoulder socket had a weird pulling sensation + pain. It is not dislocated because I have full movement;however, when I raise my right arm I can feel something moving inward.
    Is there a specific exercise I should do to rehab this situation?

  2. I would try using the RICE method for injuries...

    If the pain does not alleviate or gets worse, seek a medical opinion.

  3. ummm i am pretty sure thats how mine started.... i would suggest corrective rotator exercises, and definitely see a doctor, considering i used the RICE method for a while and now it looks like i shouldve went to a doctor right away as i may need to have surgery to repair it...

    PM me if you want to go over any further or i can give you some more details....

  4. The RICE method is basic first aid to sprains, pulls, ect.. If it's anything more serious than that, you'd want to seek a medical professional.

    I mean, if it's a mild sprain or pull, I can deal with it. If it's something serious, I want to get taken care of. You only have one body!

  5. Thanks for the help!

    I have been avoiding moving my right arm above me head for the past two days. The pain has subsided for the most part, beside the clicking sound that happens sometime, it seems normal.
    I may go in for an x-ray, if it does not seem normal within a few more days.



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