Help with Compound Excercises

  1. Help with Compound Excercises

    I am wanting to get back into shape. I was wanting to burn some fat off before I try to put any mass back on. Other than cardio, what are some good compound exercises I can do to get that total body workout? Also, what are some good exercises to build a thicker neck? I've done different presses in the past, but could never get the thicker neck. I've got broad shoulders and thick in my chest from working out in the past, but want to get my neck to match. Thanks

  2. good compound exercises for a total body workout?

    clean and press

    as far as your neck, there's a weird looking device some gyms have called a head harness, and you just put weight on it, and raise your head.

  3. look up bill starrs 5x5. will give u a good routine and excercise selection with all compounds for fastest gain.

    for neck try heavy deadlifts. really heavy.

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