Is a reverse grip okay for BB shrugs?

  1. Is a reverse grip okay for BB shrugs?

    (by reverse I mean 1 hand facing you and 1 hand facing out) Or would it produce uneven traps?

  2. If you're shrugging any decent weight without straps then it's the only way to grip the weight. If you are concerned, switch the hand that faces out and the one that faces in on each set.

  3. yea just rotate your grip thats what i do and it evens them out

  4. that is alternating grip and yes it is okay but you might end up with one side being somewhat stronger than the other..

  5. just dont add weight until you have held it both ways, which is more sets but i assume that would help

  6. Cool

    I gave up using alternating grips and any grip support (other than gloves) about 2 years ago and haven't looked back. Initially i had to drop poundage to compensate but my grip/forearm strength improved radically and quickly to the point where it's never a consideration anymore even when doing heavy singles.


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