Re-modelling my Routine!!

  1. Re-modelling my Routine!!

    Chuck's old school routine:
    MON- Chest/Triceps
    TUE- Legs/Calves (some abs, but very inconsistent here)
    THU- Shoulders/Back
    FRI- Biceps/Forearms

    Now, I have been lifting since the beginning of high school and I have finally learned that if you really want your forearms, abs, and calves to grow- ya gotta train these TWICE a week. In some cases you may wanna do them three times a week, depending on how you respond. So here's the new routine I have devised, specifically tailored to my needs to promote maximal anabolism:

    MON- Abs/Back/Calves
    TUE- Chest/Grip (another way to work forearms)
    WED- Calves/Legs
    THU- Biceps/triceps/forearms
    FRI- Abs/Shoulders

    A bit of a radical routine here. I don't think you find this from browsing articles at or reading Muscle & Fitness magazines In my experience I honestly think this is routine something that can really push my results beyond what I've been expecting. I know I won't have any weekdays off and a couple workouts will be extended beyond the 1-hour I've been acustomed to but all I gotta say to myself is suck it up. I'll be starting this after my 2 weeks off, Feb. 16. I should have the exercises I'll be doing up soon too.
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  2. I can't speak for you, but I need rest in between workouts for mass gains. I was told long ago that if you insist on going everyday then do calves and forearms on "off" days, which IMO would fit into what you are trying to do.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BingeAndPurge
    I can't speak for you, but I need rest in between workouts for mass gains. I was told long ago that if you insist on going everyday then do calves and forearms on "off" days, which IMO would fit into what you are trying to do.
    I see where you're coming from. I think what's key is that I shouldn't be working body parts that are closely related to other body parts, consecutive days. An example would be chest on one day, then shoulders the next day. I'm a big fan of incline/flat dumbbell presses for chest and doing shoulder presses the next day simply doesn't mix. When I made up this routine I made sure not to make this kinda mistake.

    BTW- When I'm trying to build mass- which I always am!, I find that it can help to workout as frequently as possible without overtraining cuz everytime you workout you trigger your body to release more anabolic hormones. An example is when I do legs following chest day I notice my sore chest goes away faster. I guarantee that's cuz the squats helped to release more testosterone and other anabolic chemicals.
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  4. Working tri's 3 times a week might be a bit of an over kill for them. I would cut tri's out of your THU workout. Maybe just cut THU out all together other wise you will be working our forarms why to much also. U could do grip on WED and BI's on FRI.

  5. Chuck: This is the 5-day split that I really like.
    Sunday: Chest/biceps
    Monday: Quads (squats, leg press, hacks, calves)
    Wed: Hams (SLDL, Hamstring curls)
    Thurs: Shoulders/triceps
    Friday: Back/core

    I know it has some odd groupings, but I think I've posted somewhere else about this... I'll answer any questions/attacks

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  6. Thanks for all the advice I appreciate it.
    Now here's the exact routine now:

    MON- Abs/Back/Calves

    Cruches: 3 sets

    Dumbbell Rows: 3x10

    Figure-4 Crunches: 3 sets (per side)

    Wide Chins: 3x8

    Calf Press: 6x20

    Cable Rows: 3x8

    TUE- Chest/Grip

    Dumbbell Bench: 3x6

    Ivanko Super Gripper: 3x12 (per arm)

    Incline Dumbbell Bench: 3x6

    Pinching 25 lb plates: 3 sets til failure

    Seated Chest Press: 3x8

    Wrist Roller: 3 sets

    WED- Calves/Legs

    Squat: 3x12 (I love those 12 reppers!)
    Calf Press: 3x20
    Leg Press: 3x15

    Calf Press: 3x20

    Leg Extension: 3x15

    Leg Curls: 2x12

    THU- Biceps/triceps/forearms

    Dumbbell Wrist Curls: 3x10

    Barbell Curls: 3x8

    Lying Tricep Extensions: 3x10

    Seated Hammer Curls: 3x8

    Weighted Dips: 3x8

    21 Curls: 3x21

    Tricep Pushdowns: 3x8

    Wrist Roller: 3 sets

    FRI- Abs/Shoulders

    Lateral Raises: 4x8

    Crunches: 3 sets

    Seated Dumbbell Presses: 4x6-8

    Figure-4 Crunches: 3 sets (per side)

    Shrugs: 3x10

  7. is this chuckatiane from syntrax?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by wojo
    is this chuckatiane from syntrax?
    You bet it is!
    Nice to see ya here wojo.

  9. Personally I prefer a variation of the push/pull/leg three day split. Then again I'm a HIT junkie.

  10. Chuck,

    I saw in another thread where you're talking about competing in a powerlifting competition. How about retooling your routine over to Westside or another powerlifting program?



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