type of routine for size.

  1. type of routine for size.

    I a m 27 I have a very high metabolism. I weigh 170 and am 6'1. It is hard for me to put on mass. What training program is recomended for my body type and what supplements are recomended besides prohormones. I want mass!!!!!!

  2. Search and educate yourself before considering ph's.

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    EEEEEEEEEATTTTTTTTTT and protien shakes are key....If you have been doing the same program for a long time switch it up.

  4. how much protien? and what kind of workout? reps,range? frequency?

  5. You can do a little research yourself, but shoot for at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, more like 1.5 per/lb. Figure out your maintainence calories, eat above that amount...or you won't grow. Count your calories! Since you say it is hard for you to gain mass, only work out each muscle group once per week, but do a thorough job.

  6. indeed

    Diet is sooo important and I just learned that in the last 6 months. Foods like chicken tuna and anything else high in protien are great...If you truly wana get bigger its gotta be a lifestyle not just 1 or 2 hours a day u know?

  7. when you have so much gas you fart when you bend over and your ass burns like a hot metal prod is inserted up it, you've had enough protein. give it two days to adjust then eat till your ass is ripping open then let it adjust. thats how you know about your protein

  8. I have a high metabolism also. I'll tell you what worked well for me. Try to take in about 2 Grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.Double that in carbs.Break your meals up into 6 or 7 throughout the day. Never let yourself get hungery. Before you start prohormones try creatine if you have not already. As far as workout write out your exercises, sets and reps for a 5 week period. Go fairly heavy with the weight but use strict form. Do about 3 to 4 sets per exercise in the 6 to 8 range and pyramid up.Change your workout every 5 weeks. There are some pretty good ideas as far as diets on massivemuscle.net to work with.When I started this i was 140 now I'm 160.

  9. should the weight on each set be something like 1st set 50% of the weight for failure
    2nd 75% of weight for failure 3rd set 100% of weight for failure. and if I get 9 reps then up the weight to the weight that I can only lift 6 times.

  10. these are the supplements I'm taking mass aminos,ultra 40, muscle synergy, nox2. I'mtrying to keep my calories above 3000 and protien around 200 grams. I'm 6'1 and weigh 185. I do a 4 day split.does this sound like I'm on the right track for gaining mostly mass?
  11. Cool

    Check out:


    Those should get you on the right track trainingwise. Best of luck.


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