Step Ups

  1. Step Ups

    Does anyone else on here do step ups....iv been doing them since last year and i think they are one of the best lifts in the gym...Since I have been doing them i dropped my 40 from 5.4 to 4.9...Does anyone play football on here and have these in there program?

  2. I don't play football, but I did them for a while after I had shoulder surgery and couldn't hold the bar on my back for a free squat. I thought they worked great. I was only holding one dumbell in my right hand, but it was still effective.

  3. This summer I will be serving as the strength coach for the baseball and football teams at my old high school. I plan on including these in the workouts for both football and baseball players. I also did these a lot in high school and they seemed to help with my overall athleticism.

  4. westside sells a step up bench, seems like it be very effective because you are starting way below paralel.
    scroll down a little:

  5. I use step ups to bring up my weak leg.

    I just stack some cinder blocks and viola! I am past parallel.
    You can do them with dumbells which provide a deadlift effect, or you can use a barbell and go heavy.
    The hard part is keeping the form the same throughout the set. Eventually you end up bouncing on the other leg for assistance , which may or may not be a bad thing.

    I think they work great.



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