Can I train chest already?

  1. Can I train chest already?

    I'm switching to a new split and want to train chest on Monday, but I just trained it on Friday. Is it too soon, or shouldn't it matter? I'm also starting a cycle of M1t on Monday.

  2. You should be ok to do it just this once.

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  3. It won't hurt anything to do it once as ManBeast just stated.

    Iron Addict

  4. Depends... How Sore are you?

  5. I was a little sore last night, but don't feel much right now. I'll probably be a little weak once I try to put the weight up.

  6. hmmm

    You think it is too soon to do chest from friday-monday???

  7. I ended up training shoulders instead. Yes, you should only each body part once a week.
  8. hmm

    So if you do bench monday you dont think it is good to do like dumbell bench that week??

  9. for example, if I train chest on Monday, I wouldn't train chest again until the following Monday. You may be able to get away hitting it every 5 days, but for some, it may be over training. Get it now?

  10. Rebel,

    Some people do fine training bodyparts twice a week and are able to recover and progress. They are NOT the majority. Most people need more time between workouts. In the end, all that matters is what works and if you can bench on Monday and then dumbell bench a few days latter and make progress, by all means do it. But.........if you are not increasing your weights (or reps) by at least a little each workout, you are WASTING YOUR TIME. Until you are very advanced weight increases should be very consistent. So many people go to the gym week in week out and basically keep doing the same thing week in week out, ad although they may regulary change the lifts they do, they rarely go up in weights, and they wonder why they don't grow.

    Iron Addict
  11. Ic

    I see what your saying about doing one area of the body once a week..i think that i recover fine and do some sort of bench every other day just about...I guess now that I think about it I have been stuck around 95's for incline and db bench for a while maybe im overtraining.

  12. Just a suggestion for a bench workout. I tried it and it helped me hit 315 at 132.lbs.
    After warmup put something you can only push 3 reps. Go 10 sets for 3 reps resting only 30 sec. between each set.After you get strong enough to make it all the way through with that weight bump it 5 or 10 lbs.


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