Post Cycle Strength

  1. Post Cycle Strength

    This question is mostly for Iron Addict but anybody who's had experience with this feel free to post.

    Should you continue to make gains in strength post cycle?

    I know that using steroids shouldn't be the only way one gains strength. What I want to know is how long, if at all, should it take to start adding weight to your lifts after you stop a cycle?

    For example, my bench was around 215X7 or 225X5 before starting a cycle, and went up to 225X10 or 245X5 while on cycle (5 week cycle). I'm 14 days post cycle today, and I hit 245X4. That's only 1 less rep, and my testosterone still isn't in the normal range (blood work done). Is this normal? This is my 2nd chest day since I started PCT, and both days my lifts were down. Not much, but enough to make me feel like a sissy .

  2. It's a pretty individual thing as some guys crash pretty bad, and others come off very easily. If you are using a drug(s) that promote a lot of nerve excitabilty, you will suffer more "apparent" losses in strength because that advantage is gone.

    Guys that tend to have a lot of "nut shrinkage" usuallly suffer the most and the guys that keep their sack usually do quite well. Regardless, if training/supps, post cycle therapy, and diet are correct a large number of trainees will be able to register gains on a weekly basis post cycle, albiet at a much slower pace than while on. And many that don't at least hold their own with the poundages, or see minute decreases like you are seeing. And then.......theres the guys that lose damn near everything.

    A lot of the people that decompose post cycle do so for mostly psycological reasons. Motivation goes out the window, and they do all the wrong things.

    The first 2-3 cycles you do are the ones that are the most retainable. After that it becomes a game of diminishing returns.

    Iron Addict

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