west side unortho's?

  1. west side unortho's?

    I am considering trying some of the westides unorthodox methods such as the weighted sled that you drag, reverse hypers,and ketel bell exercises.

    Has anyone tried any of these and with what results.
    thanks for any info you can give me.


  2. I used to do the weighted sled drag for football practice many years ago. It works wonders but it can also do some major damage if done wrong. I had a friend get a minor tear in his ham using it and not being properly warmed up before burst sprint while dragging. Its supposed to simulate a ball carrier pulling for extra yardage while being wrapped up by a tackler.
    Now days athletes use sprint chutes instead. Kinda like a parachute you pull while running. The faster you run the harder it pulls back. It is much safer and a hell of alot easier to carry around while not pulling it. There everywhere on the beach around here.


  3. Question

    yeah i think i would have to warm up thoroughly before i sprinted with that contraption tied to my ass. [B]just curious, how much weight did your friend use
    or you ,when you used it? [/B
    ] I am interested in the mass I could put on my upper back with some overhead ketel beel throws.
    i would like to try that parachute sprint, looks like ther would be some definite resistance.
    thanks for your input and would welcome more.

  4. The sled is on of the best things you can do to train for cardio vascular health while providing very little impact stress to your joints. I pull mine a couple of times a week. Usually once for distance and another for weight.

    Iron Addict

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